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Helping Artists live Creativly!

Freedom, expression, form, function and imagination flow freely like a river of creation bringing life to the unexpected.

Creation is a journey to enjoy, a journey to loose oneself and to discover your true purpose.

All the key ingredients in the spectrum of life’s colour in which your job & purpose is to create and record what you see and feel. Create colour and record life so it can be admired, lost and found once again.

As an artist that is your purpose. So make your own art how you want to make it. Be free in your expression and use of colour. Be inventive, be original, be unique, be you.

Art needs tools of creation and pallets of colour. These are the environment that make us at Trinity Arts and give us purpose; they make us able to offer you what you need when you need it, at a price that is a good one.

We can help you fulfil your purpose and live creatively with a Dutch flavour.

We are a Christian business, and share that with you; not to put our faith on you, but to let you know that we always do our utmost to give the best service possible; along with some of the best and exciting fine art and craft materials currently on the market.

All our products come with a manufactures guarantee, as does our service.

Where possible we use recycled packaging, as well as generate the power we use with our Solar Panels


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