Buy Now, Pay Later

If you are in the UK, and have an email address & postcode then you can use Klarna to checkout.

In most cases, you wont be asked for any card details during your checkout, instead you will be emailed by Klarna, so that you can pay for your order (within 14 days of placing your order) at your convenience. This is especially helpful if you are ordering on a mobile device. Sometimes, depending on certain factors, (like your address, the order value, the time of day the order is placed, your credit history) you may be not be given the pay later option.

Of course if you prefer not to use Klarna, or cannot as you are not in the UK, you can still opt to use PayPal (you do NOT need an account with Paypal).

How Klarna works

  • After the we have acknowledged your order, you will receive an email with payment instructions, telling you when and how you will need to pay.
  • This allows you to pay after delivery within 14 days (in most circumstances).
  • After Klarna have received your payment, they will send you a payment confirmation to the email address that you have used for your order. If you have made a payment but not received the payment confirmation, please get in contact with Klarna Customer Service with a proof of payment.

Please note:

  • If you have not remembered to pay your statement, a reminder email will be sent to you 12 days after purchase.
  • Fees may be added after 14 days. If you are late, please correspond with Klarna Customer Service about this directly.
  • The invoice and billing address may be different, but currently they must both be in the UK for you to use Klarna Checkout.
  • If you need to return an order, or items from an order, just email us and we wiill take it from there.