Payment Security

Ordering online with us is safe and secure

You can never be over cautious with Internet security, and for this reason we use a Secure Socket Layer (SSL). SSL encrypts the data stream from your browser the server our site is hosted on. Only the registration, login and checkout pages have this built in.

As well as this we have also increased your payment security buy utilising "off site" payment methods. This simply means that once it actually comes to paying for your order, you will be directed to a 3rd party website, which has much stricter industry standard security protocols. Currently we use KLARNA & PayPal.

Now the current regulation we have to meet a long list of requirement...Tedious, but very necessary to ensure security for the industry. Our website is API approved, and any payment details are submitted on our chosen gateways. When you come to pay for your order you will be redirected to their websites which are even more secure. Giving you peace of mind.

You will know when you are in our secure site area by the appearance of a secure icon - a 'padlock' - on your browser. Secure web pages can also be identified by their URL: they begin with 'https://', while standard pages begin with 'http://'.

If you are still not confident purchasing on-line, just choose 'Pay by phone' on the checkout page and then we can phone you for payment.