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Painting Aids

Painting Aids

Every artist needs additional items beyond their paint, brush and canvas.

A good range of palettes are essential to any artist, as every painting is different. Have you ever found yourself working with 5 plates at once on an acrylic painting, and wanted nothing more than a couple of well sectioned, plastic palettes?

Manikins are helpful to keep you right when nobody else is around for reference. Whether your problem is with hands or the full body itself, a manikin of any size on your desk will keep you right in your painting, and your proportions.

Art folders are a saving grace to the artist. Being able to carry any size of canvas or paper around without bending, creasing or rolling it is a blessing to the humble artist and a must have.

Dosing nozzles are a fantastic, handy tool for a detail centric artist. Small science like pipettes are great, but ones specifically made for use with the amazing Amsterdam acrylic range are a step up in art technology. So simple, but after using one you’ll wonder how we ever did without.



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  1. Double Sided Tape - 9mm x 66m

    RRP: £6.95

    Special Price £4.50

  2. Double Sided Artists Tape (Flush)

    RRP: £6.25

    Special Price £2.95

  3. 8" Wooden Figure Mannequin
    RRP: £6.95
  4. Inking Tray -190 x 250mm
    RRP: £2.75
  5. Dust Mask for Spray Paint Etc

    Dust Mask for Spray Paint Etc

    Sku: JSP-MASK-FFP1
    RRP: £2.30
  6. Double Sided Tape - 38mm x 50m

    RRP: £9.38

    Special Price £6.75

  7. 7" Wooden Hand Mannequin
    RRP: £18.95
    RRP: £2.95
  9. Clear Tape - 25mm x 66m
    RRP: £2.50
  10. Pocket Colour Wheel 5-1/8" (13cm)
    RRP: £7.95
  11. Scotch Magic Tape - 19mm x 33m
    RRP: £4.99
  12. Extendable Drawing/Poster Tube - (to fit A1)
    RRP: £17.95
  13. Safety Pins - Bundle of 12
    RRP: £0.95
  14. Steel Clips for Drawing Boards
    RRP: £1.25
  15. Pair of Vinyl Gloves
    RRP: £0.20
  16. BULLDOG/BINDER CLIPS ~ 22mm PACK of 14
    RRP: £2.50
  17. Large Folding Plastic Painting Tray Palette With 33 Wells - 26x14
  18. A3 Plastic Holdall with plastic handle
    RRP: £3.95
  19. A5 Box Stak Craft Storage Box Unit
    RRP: £17.95
  20. Round Shape 10 Well Plastic Painting Tray Palette

    RRP: £1.39

    Special Price £1.32

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