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Craft Materials

Craft Materials

Amsterdam Deco Craft Paints

Amsterdam Deco (Decorfin) hobby craft supplies are a collection of high quality, Dutch hobby paints suitable for decorating a wide range of surfaces. Ideal for painting glass and ceramics for example, or for painting on wood, textiles, fabric, cartons and paper. There is only one limit to your creativity with these craft paints and craft supplies, so why not be free in your creative expression and give them a try! If you need a quote for shipping, just add to basket what you need, and use the shipping calculator in the Cart.

Most or the products in the category are made by Royal Talens. Porcelain Hobby CraftThey have been making art and craft supplies for over 100 years now, and introduced the Decorfin Hobby range in 1982. It has now been given a new name "Amsterdam Deco". You will however find in the subcategories things like craft knives, cutting mats, Das air drying clay, packs of balsa wood, glue guns and even steel clips for drawing boards. So why not start a new hobby craft project with this exiting craft range?

These paints offer a cost effective alternative if you are just looking for a small amount of acrylic, or wanting to try something new and give some dated furniture an upcyled new look!

Choose from fabric paint, glass paint, porcelain paint, patina paint, or acrylic based satin paints. Some of these; for instance glass paint, are great for sprinkling beads or sequins onto. There are countless ways in which you can experiment artistically with the wide range of crafting products that we have here.

Be challenged and to explore and discover the many inspirational possibilities with the ranges that Amsterdam Deco hobby paints have to offer; all at a great price....



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  1. Double Sided Artists Tape (Flush)

    RRP: £6.25

    Special Price £2.95

  2. Double Sided Tape - 9mm x 66m

    RRP: £6.95

    Special Price £4.50

  3. Clear Tape - 25mm x 66m
    RRP: £2.50


    RRP: £3.95
  5. Glue Gun Sticks

    Glue Gun Refill Sticks

    RRP: £6.95
  6. Plastic Poster Tube

    RRP: £2.15

    Special Price £1.75

    RRP: £2.50
  8. Araldite Rapid Setting Resign Glue (2x15ml)
    RRP: £8.50
  9. Pack of 10 blades for metal kraft knife
    RRP: £3.95
  10. Hi Tac Mount Spray, 400ml Can
    RRP: £15.50
  11. Glitter Flakes - 50grm Jar
    RRP: £18.45
  12. Dust Mask for Spray Paint Etc

    Dust Mask for Spray Paint Etc

    Sku: JSP-MASK-FFP1
    RRP: £2.30
  13. Balsa Wood Assorted Square Pack - 450mm lengths
    RRP: £10.95
  14. A3 Cutting Mat

    A3 Cutting Mat

    Sku: DACM3
    RRP: £13.50
  15. Modroc Roll, 15 cm x 275cm
    RRP: £1.95
  16. Plastic Modelling Tool ~ Spatula
    RRP: £1.25
  17. Glue Stick, 20g

    Glue Stick - 20g

    Sku: DAGS
    RRP: £1.80
  18. FISHING LINE (100 meters)
    RRP: £4.95
  19. Hangable Glass Suncatchers
    RRP: £1.75
  20. 10 "snap-off" blades for large plastic kraft knife

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