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About Trinity Arts & iartsupplies

Art Supplies Shipped Worldwide From Dundee ~ The City of Discovery

The Discovery - Dundee (Trinity Arts Ltd) is a family business run by artists, now located at Unit F, Hawkhill Court, Mid Wynd, Dundee DD1 4JG. Our new store is is much larger than our old shop on 59 Perth Road. We have a much greater selection and well over 1000 top end quality products from around the world, with many from Holland, Germany, Spain, UK & USA.

We have high quality student ranges and artist ranges of Oil, Acrylic, Gouache, Watercolour, Watermixable Oil Paints, Lino and other printmaking equipment. Even if you are looking for beginner ranges we have some great value starter sets. On the shelf you will find a good selection of inks, blockprinting inks, lino tools and even a good range of crafting paints like glass, porcelain and textile paint. The canvases we have are not the cheapest, but they are considered one of the best on the market. We have a really good selection of all kinds of sketching and coloured pencils, pens, markers, fineliners and tapes and portfolios. We don't have a massive selection of paper, but we do have good cartridge paper and several types of watercolour & printmaking paper, not to mention plenty of sketchbooks. If there is something particular you are needing we can usually get it if you are not in a hurry.

All our staff are artists, so you should be able to get the advice you need should you need it. If you are local to us we also run Teknical Paint Workshops, where we teach about the paint itself rather than how to paint or draw. It is a great opportunity to try different paint types and learn some vital aspects of paint that will help you improve your techniques and gain confidence in what you are using. You can easily sign up to our workshop newletter here, so you are emailed when we are running them.

Where are we in Dundee?

We are around a 15 minute walk from the train station. If you are walking up Perth Road, we are about 3 or 400 meters past the Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design and if your coming along Hawkhill then we are just past the Whitehall Theatre.

We are open Monday to Friday 9:30am till 5pm & Saturday 10am till 4.30pm with Free Car Parking Spaces Available. Dundee is only 10 miles from St. Andrews, 25 Miles from Kirkcaldy. So you can have a short trip from Perth or most parts of Fife. Even an easy drive from Edinburgh or Glasgow, or Aberdeen.

Feel free to give us a ring before you come along if you want to check that we have what you need. 01337 860 860. If it is not answered during shop hours just call back as we may be unable to answer immediately.

Creation is in our Blood!

As committed followers of Jesus, Natalie & Paul do their best to run the business with fairness, honesty & service at the front of their minds, cultivating a friendly creative environment for customers and staff. Hopefully you will see a positive difference in our service as well as the art materials we sell!

We were based in Pittenweem near St.Andrews in Fife, Scotland then in May 2014 we opened up our new shop at 59 Perth Road Dundee, Scotland. We recently opened a much larger store selling many more products around the corner at Hawkhill Court Mid Wynd in March 2021.

There are not many of places to go in Dundee or Fife to buy art materials so hopefully we can save you a trip to Edinburgh or Glasgow if that is where the art shop is that you usually get your art supplies from.

Product Training at Talens

Product training at Royal Talens in Apeldoorn 2014


How did we get started & Why do we sell different paint from other Art Shops?

Street Artist using Amsterdam Acrylics is the result of a prayer that was made in 2001. I was stuck between making a life changing choice. I had been a Christian about a year, and was just beginning to realise the power of prayer. I had a choice of either staying at university to do a degree in Architecture, or go to Granada in the south of Spain for just under a year and follow my heart and paint off my own back. I would have done both if I could. I just did not know how to look inside myself and make that kind of decision. So I prayed, Lord, you choose, you know I have given my life over to you, you know what is best for me. I cannot make a decision like this on my own. Please send me an angel, while I am on holiday, to tell me what I am to do. I was due to go on an Easter break to the south of France for 2 weeks. The 2 weeks were up, and it was the last day and still no answer. I thought about it, and did not give up hope as really the holiday is not over until you are home. I was the last person on the plane as I really didn't want to go home. There was one seat left. The person I sat next to was unusually talkative. He asked me just about everything to do with my life. I was very careful not to mention anything to do with art, or painting. Finally he said 'Well it sounds like you should just go to Spain and be a famous artist!' I thanked God in my heart. It was then I realised that the answer was in me all along. All I had to do was look at the joy that I would have gotten out of the decision. Joy is a gift from the Lord. He says that we will be overflowing with it. Well I was that day I can tell you!

I went to Spain, and it was there I came across Amsterdam Oil Paint, made by Royal Talens. I was very sceptical about buying it (so I understand what it takes to try out a different brand) in the end though I had know choice. The first tube I bought was quinadrone rose Amsterdam oil paint, my favourite, after ultramarine blue. Amsterdam Oil now though has been replaced by Van Gogh Oil Colour.

When I came back from the UK, I had had to decide what I was going to do with my life for a job, and ended up starting Trinity Arts Ltd with the help of my family.

We then opened the Art Shop and Gallery in June 2002, in Pittenweem, near St.Andrews in Fife.

In 2004, my future wife Natalie McVean literally walked into my life, and we were married In 2007. We closed the art shop later that summer as that side of the business still wasn't working out, and now we focus on selling, to schools and the trade as well as end users over the Internet on

Thanks for reading!

Paul Wallace

General Manager

Dundee Art and Craft Materials Shop

Our Old Shop in Perth Road Dundee

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