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kiss art

  • Kissing up Portraits

    Creating Kiss Art

    Artist Natalie Irish from Houston creates stunning kiss-art, using a tube of lipstick and placing over a 1000 kisses from her very own lips to create spontaneous portraits of very well known celebrities. Marilyn Monroe was just one of her many perfect candidates and catches her perfectly well.

    Kiss Art

    Natalie came upon the idea of kiss art after an evening of preparing herself for a night out with friends. She was layering on her make up and blotted her lips on a piece of tissue and realized she could do the same thing onto canvas and, create something in a similar way to when she use to create images with thumbprints a s a child. From this moment she starting to shine in the art world for her unique highly personal art - which may seem semi romantic, but look at the results it gets her. Watch the video to see her kiss-art in action.  It is awesome but yet very strange seeing someone kiss away on canvas but, it is very different and what a talent to have.  Read more about the artist on her website  & here.



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