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For increasing the consistency of gouache/poster colour


Gum Arabic dissolved in water


· Makes gouache more transparent

· Increases gloss

· Makes gouache more flexible so there is less risk of cracking in thicker layers


Gum Arabic gives the watercolour artist added flexibility as it keeps the paint fluid on the paint grounds for a longer period of time, holding the pigment in suspension and even adds a super translucent quality that gives brilliance to the surface. You can also work into it; even scrape away for some fantastic textured effects.

The paint also changes other qualities dramatically, increasing viscosity as well as making it more responsive. The best way to describe the characteristics of the gum is that it has a consistency reminiscent of oil paint.

Drying time is also slowed down, giving you more time to play around with your creation.

Try to scrape and scratch into the paint, lift it off, drop it on in globules, overpaint it,  or splatter it directly on to the paper.  The globules burst once they dry and give a subtle textured effect.

Or you just use it to add a lush sheen to the surface of your painting.

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SKU 24280008
Shipping Type Standard
Brand Talens
Colour Number 711
Quality of Paint No

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